Interview Hommy Diaz

Interview Hommy Diaz

Meet the designer | Hommy Diaz

Hommy Diaz, a son of immigrants, conceived the leather goods brand “Magnus Alpha” which means ‘Great’ ad ‘Dominant’ in Latin, 4 years ago. Hommy started the brand, applying everything he learned in his 12-year career in the shoe industry in order to create his own legacy.

About Magnus Alpha

The brand was conceptualized with the ambition from my perspective as a son of immigrant parents. To apply all that I had learned in my career and create my own legacy in the footwear industry.

The brand started with the initiative to think global and act local by designing the product in Italy and produce it in Mexico and the US vs the traditional resources from Asia.

We produce premium leather goods, footwear and accessories with US leather hides in León Mexico.

My mission is to be the example and represent the luxury of being a Product Of An Immigrant.

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