Leather has held on for so long because it’s a durable material and it can be a way of mitigating waste. Make it timeless.


Core values

The changing world has consequences for the fashion and designing industry. These are the core values under the sustainability umbrella:


Aged to perfection

New standard



  • Aged to perfection

Each leather product is unique. The aging process of leather brings a livelihood to products, a human and tactile experience that allows the material to ‘narrate’ the design.


  • New standard

The fashion industry is too often connected with exploitative working conditions, modern slavery, microplastics, pollution, overflowing landfill sites, and rapid resource consumption. It’s now clearer than ever that a system change is needed.

The new standard is Re-set, Re-adjust, Re-focus, Re-leather from the heart.

  • Timeless

Your project should be adaptable to trends and time. Make it more relevant than just a fashion circle.   



•     Create a shoe collection consisting of 6 styles in total.
•     Create a single-family feeling across all styles that include low, mid, and high versions (all seasons).
•     Include a mood board and your storytelling concept.
•     Also include sketches, hand drawings or cads, renders, and tech packs.



Schermafbeelding-2020-10-27-om-10-46-23.png Schermafbeelding-2020-10-27-om-10-46-32.png