Proud to present the 5 designers from all over the world

A warm welcome to Alexandros, Hommy, Javier, Guglielmo and Laure!

The contributions of these five talents for the challenge will guarantee a wide variety of approaches and creativity.  Their five countries of origin, the five distinct design backgrounds, and their specific sensitivities will enrich the results of the contest and boost new perspectives and further developments of their ideas.

Storytelling is the first and most important step of the design process. Usually, this is something that young designers only discover at the end of their artwork path, by going backward. Instead, we challenge them to design with a purpose and a promise for the future.

In a digital era like ours, it’s important to avoid creating the umpteenth useless beautiful product, but something with a beauty that springs from meaningful content, ethical and timeless. Something that can become an essential necessity.

This “plus” will decide who will win the contest, who’ll be the one able to create a product capable of connecting the end consumer with the least explanations possible.

In a digital era like ours, most important thing is to avoid creating the umpteenth, useless beautiful product, but something whose beauty springs from a meaningful content, ethical and timeless.

Something which is essential necessity.

And this will be exactly the “plus” which will decide the contest winner, who’ll be the one able to create a product capable to connect the end consumer with the fewest explanations possible.

Alexandros Vasdekis - Greece

I’m Alexandros, a Greek footwear designer with a deep love for shoes and a passion for nature. After graduating with a biology degree, where I mainly focused on the concept of sustainability, I decided to pursue my life-long dream of becoming a footwear designer.


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Guglielmo Gorno - Italy

My name is Guglielmo and I’m from a small town near Milan in Italy. I’m a junior footwear designer at Ermenegildo Zegna and I previously worked for Puma.



Javier Albanil Mogollon - Spain

I grew up in Barcelona, the city where I also had my studies in product design and my first approach to a sports design job. Today, I am working as a freelance designer setting up personal projects from a sustainable and innovative perspective in the footwear and the equipment business.


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Hommy Diaz - USA

As a son of immigrant parents growing up in Queens, New York (in the 80s and 90s) counterfeit clothing and footwear was available on every other corner across all 5 boroughs. The deception of shopping at retail fueled me as a young teenager to be creative and one day produce authentic and honest products.


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Laure Wolff - France

Laure Wolff is a multi faceted designer working in fashion, photography styling and space set up. Her path took her through the complete lifecycle of a product and to master design, sourcing, development,  brand image, styling, digital and physical commercialization channels and spaces. Passionate about shoes, she specialized in the field over 8 years.

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