Who should be the winner of the Design Challenge? You decide!

Our 5 finalists have put in a lot of time and effort over the last 6 months. We have followed their process from moodboard and first sketch to the actual prototype. Now, it is time to decide on the winner! We proudly present the Final Prototypes of Alexandros, Guglielmo, Hommy, Javier and Laure:

Alexandros Vasdekis
Guglielmo Gorno
Javier Albanil Mogollon
Hommy Diaz
Laure Wolff

There is More!

Every designer has made two prototypes. Get to know the designers and have a look at their Storytelling, Moodboard & Sketches and second Prototype. Do your homework before voting ;)

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Voting begins on Thursday May 20 and ends on Thursday June 3 at midnight.